Welcome To Lily & Co...

Our Vision

In all that we do, children and families come first. We offer the best possible outcomes for children. We create a safe, stimulating play environment where children can be secure and happy. We provide care for children and the opportunity for parents and carers to pursue education, work experience and employment, secure in the knowledge that their child’s needs are met. We recognise the emotional needs of all children and strive to meet them.

We provide and develop a reliable, affordable and quality childcare facility and to offer parents a facility which will enable them to enhance their opportunity to participate more fully in the labour market.
We also provide a service which meets the varying needs of the community. Also Lily & Co. Ltd provide a secure and happy environment, rich in a variety of rewarding experiences, so that children learn, play and achieve.

The goals of Lily & Co. Ltd are dual-sided: to support parents and to make nursery a safe, educational, and fun experience for the child being the childcare service provider of choice and to be identifiable as:

• Maintaining an excellent reputation in the community
• Dedicated to the expansion of the Early Learning Programme for 2 year olds
• Promote diversity and equality
• Committed to training and developing staff
• Recruitment within the local community
• Quality care at competitive prices
• Flexible hours



                         Dianne Preston (Managing Director)                     Sarah Davies (Learning & Development Director)